December 21, the Department of Transportation informed ATA that ATA’s petition seeking preemption of California’s redundant meal and rest break requirements has been approved. You can review the decision as posted on FMCSA’s website. The ATA legal team is already reviewing the decision and has advised that if the petition is granted as submitted by ATA, they believe this decision will apply to pending cases.

We applaud Secretary Chao, FMCSA Administrator Martinez and their senior team for providing a full, fair and transparent review of ATA’s petition. This decision is a tremendous victory for the trucking industry, bringing our efforts to secure immediate relief for ATA members to a close.

While today’s determination may be subject to litigation if the trial lawyers or other groups challenge it in court, we are confident that it will withstand judicial review.

Your unyielding support and patience during the last four years has helped shape a never quit, no-stone-unturned mindset at ATA…generating measureable returns for our members. As we have said many times, ATA could not do this alone so thank you to our members, state associations and coalition partners for all of the hard work.

Information via ATA