The American Transportation Research Institute, ATA’s research arm, has issued a lengthy study evaluating several different methods of funding transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance into the future. The study is aimed at the federal highway program, but is generally applicable to state infrastructure needs as well. The funding mechanisms assessed by ATRI are the fuel tax, vehicle registration fees, government and privately administered tolling, vehicle-miles traveled taxes, and financing, as by revenue bonds. The conclusions are summed up in a number of recommendations, among them: Increase and index the federal fuel tax, Explore the feasibility of a state-collected federal vehicle registration fee, Identify methods of collecting user fees on electric vehicles, Find better ways to measure the overall costs of various user fees, and Streamline the process of approving road projects. Jeffrey Short, A Framework for Infrastructure Funding, ATRI: Arlington, VA, November 2017, available from ATRI here:

Information provided via ATA