Oklahoma has long split off its sales tax on vehicles from the general sales tax on other property. The tax on vehicles, called the excise tax, does not apply to vehicles with a registered gross weight of over 55,000 pounds, or to trailers and semitrailers, except for a token payment of $10. For lighter vehicles, the excise tax rate is 3.25 percent, as opposed to Oklahoma's general sales tax rate of 4.5 percent. On May 31, 2017, however, Oklahoma Governor Fallin approved legislation (H.B. 2433) as a part of the state's budget that will, effective July 1 this year, impose a 1.25 percent sales tax on vehicles of all weights. The result appears to be a 1.25 percent rate (plus $10) for vehicles with a gross weight over 55,000 pounds (and trailers and semitrailers), and a combined sales and excise tax rate of 4.5 percent for lighter vehicles. Oklahoma has for years acted as a registration haven of sorts for motor carrier fleets, but the imposition of this new tax might change that. This is the first new sales tax on motor carrier rolling stock in about a quarter century, a time during which the number of states exempting rolling stock has grown.

Information provided by ATA State Laws Newsletter