Earlier this week, Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced the Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act, a bill designed to enhance America’s ability to train and educate potential workers through registered apprenticeships. The legislation is an important step towards helping better align the needs of our nation's employers with potential employees, promoting hiring and the creation of new jobs, and enhancing the skills that our nation’s workforce needs to obtain good-paying, secure employment. Apprenticeship programs are successful models of workforce development, allowing workers to earn while they learn and companies to increase the skills of their workforce.

Specifically, the Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act would create a $5,000 tax credit for up to three years for companies that hire and pay employees enrolled in a federal- or state-registered apprentice program; allow senior employees near retirement to draw from pensions early if they’re involved in mentoring or training new employees; and help veterans get into skilled jobs that match their military experience sooner by allowing credit in apprenticeship requirements for previous military training.

With an ever growing demand for drivers and mechanics in the trucking industry, and the industry facing a severe shortage of drivers right now, ATA is interested in legislative and regulatory efforts to improve our nation’s workforce development programs, and better connect qualified individuals looking for employment with the trucking industry, and the other industry’s that most need them. Moving forward, ATA will continue working closely with Congress and the relevant federal agencies to improve and sharpen federally-funded workforce development programs.

Information provided via The Hill Report from ATA