The Oklahoma Trucking Association is excited to launch Truck Day at the Capitol. Please join us for a day of advocacy, training, and working with our legislature to spread the positive image of trucking. During this program, members will have a chance to observe the political process in action. Our annual program is designed to increase positive imaging of trucking through education of our elected officials.

Starting at 7:00AM-12:00PM, Truck Day will feature:
• Truck display on Capitol lawn
• Training on how to advocate
• Deliver marketing pamphlets to legislators
• Safety Award Presentations

Want to help?
There are many ways you can make our Truck Day a success. This is a free public imaging program. Open to all members of OTA. Checkout the Program details, and see where you want to play a part in one, if not all of the activities.

Truck Display:
The Trucking Moves America Forward Truck will be positioned outdoors. Help direct legislators and their assistants to view the display outdoors.

Walking Floors (8:00AM-9:00AM):
We want to personally deliver marketing material educating each legislator about the trucking industry.

Session (9:00AM):
Attend session in both the House and Senate to observe the presentation of Safety Awards to our Professional Drivers’. Observe the legislative process from the gallery. Our success is measured by the positive impact we make with community outreach initiatives. Consider taking an active role in our Truck Day at the Capitol 2017 event.

Please contact Juliet Abdel to get more information by phone at 405.525.9488×0 or email.