Last Wednesday, FMCSA released its long-awaited crash accountability study examining ways to address crashes that motor carriers did not cause, in the context of their CSA scores. The study examined the feasibility of using police accident reports to make crash accountability determinations and whether doing so would help CSA better target unsafe carriers.

The report concluded that, while it is possible to use PARs for this purpose in some cases, the process would be onerous and not cost-beneficial by the agency’s estimate. ATA expressed disappointment pointing out that in many cases it is plainly evident that the truck driver did not cause the crash. Moreover, it is illogical to use such crashes to label motor carriers as unsafe and target them for enforcement intervention  (see video). ATA has renewed its call for FMCSA to remove from consideration in CSA those crashes where it is obvious that the professional truck driver and motor carrier were not responsible for the event.

Information provided by ATA.