Yesterday, ATA, OTA and other associations launched its aggressive campaign to fight the Obama Administration’s attempt to replace proven and safe Hours of Service rules with a complex, restrictive set of unproven rules that would reduce industry productivity and have adverse safety consequences for the industry or the motoring public. Central to ATA’s campaign is its website containing data and information designed to assist the industry in responding to the Obama Administration’s proposal.

As part of the campaign, ATA is urging trucking companies to engage their drivers, educate them on the proposed changes, and strongly encourage them to submit their written objections to FMCSA as soon as possible but no later than February 28, 2011 on any parts of the proposal with which they have concerns. ATA’s goal is have tens of thousands of professional drivers submit their individual concerns and objections to FMCSA. To help carriers and drivers with this task, ATA has included the following on the website:

A summary of the proposed HOS changes to help educate drivers, found by clicking here.

An easy to read chart comparing the proposed changes to the current HOS rules to help educate drivers, found here.

Talking points for drivers, a template to help drivers draft their thoughts, and easy instructions for drivers on how to send their comments to FMCSA, found by clicking here.

Carriers and drivers can and will make a difference in the outcome of this rule if they communicate why the current rules work, and why proposed changes are impractical, overly restrictive, and will lead to compliance, enforcement and safety problems.

ATA is counting on the trucking industry and drivers to overwhelm FMCSA with objections like never before to make a real difference in the outcome of this HOS rulemaking process! Comments and objections should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than February 28, 2011.

ATA Contacts: Dave Osiecki, Rob Abbott or Bob Digges at, or, or