A moratorium on enforcement of the UCR was effective January 1, 2010 for the 2010 registration year. This moratorium shall remain in effect until further notice.  Please be advised that this moratorium does not impact UCR requirements as they relate to previous years.

An amendment to SAFETEA-LU has changed the methodology for determining fleet size by including only power units and eliminating trailers for the 2010 UCR registration year. This significant change to the statute requires modifications to the fee structure that must first be promulgated in federal regulation in order for the program to proceed. When the rulemaking is completed participating states will mail registration notices to all entities subject to the UCR allowing for a reasonable time period for companies to remit their fees.  When participating states have agreed on a 2010 enforcement date an updated enforcement bulletin will be issued.

Enforcement of a Previous UCR Registration Year (2007 – 2009) after January 1, 2010:

In order for roadside enforcement of a previous UCR registration year to take place after January 1, 2010, enforcement staff should first obtain evidence of interstate operations occurring during that particular registration year. Proof may include but not be limited to log entries; toll receipts; shipping papers; bills of lading; previous years apportioned receipt or prior years roadside inspection reports.