The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published in the Federal Register on Sept. 3 a notice of proposed rulemaking to set Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA) fees for calendar 2010. Since Congress enacted legislation last year that removed trailers from the calculation of the fees and lowered total revenue, the UCRA fees had to be changed in order for the states to collect anything under the program. ATA and other industry were prepared to accept an adjustment to the fees that accommodated this change, which both states and industry supported. However, in February, the UCRA Board, over industry opposition, voted to recommend to FMCSA a much larger increase in the fees. The FMCSA proposal would actually increase the fees even more than that — over 120 percent — on a per-vehicle basis. The smallest carriers would pay $87 instead of $39, and the largest would pay $83,412 instead of $37,500. The rulemaking allows only 15 days for public comment. ATA will request an extension of time for the industry to comment, and will submit strong comments opposing such a tax increase in a year when the industry faces such severe economic pressures.