Written by: BRAD STOTLER

“Police say evasive action by two alert truck drivers prevented further devastation after a car lost control on a Detroit area highway and caused an accident that led to a fuel tanker explosion and overpass collapse,” said the Toledo-Blade.

The accident involving a car and two trucks occurred some 10 miles north of Detroit on Wednesday night, July 15.

Michigan State Police said the driver of the car, a 27-year-old man, apparently lost control of his vehicle while driving about 70 mph along a curve with a suggested speed limit of 50 mph. They said the driver swerved into the tanker truck, causing the cab and trailer to separate.

Michigan State Police said the individual driving the other involved truck saw what was happening, alertly moved over to give the tanker room and was able to avoid an even more devastating crash, reported the Detroit Free Press.

The driver of the tanker truck might have been able to bring it to a stop without a devastating fire if the car had not struck the tanker and tractor and forced the two apart, so that the tanker rolled free.

The fire caused the overpass, carrying two lanes in each direction, to collapse. All three drivers escaped with minor injuries, and no other motorists were hurt. A two-mile stretch of Interstate 75 remains closed.