Bills that will impact our future in transportation from the 2009 session.

HB 1603 – This bill is the sweeping Tort Reform bill that makes it a lot harder to file “frivolous” lawsuits and sets new rules for Joint & Several Liability. It has over 20 major reforms in it and is considered a “good” reform bill.

SB 503 – This is considered a modernization bill for the Household Movers. This bill will be followed by a rule making at the Corporation Commission.

HB 1813 – This bill added 400 the gross weight of 80,000 if you have an APU attached to your truck. This bill matches Federal law and 32 states now have passed it.

HB 2054 – This bill will allow 120,000 lb. loads to move through the state on a $4000 annual permit, this will affect the oil rig trucks almost exclusively. But don’t be in any hurry to buy this permit, because the Sec. of Transportation has deemed this a “route specific” permit. This means you can only travel on a route chosen by ODOT. This was not in the bill and will be brought up at a rule making this fall.

Several bills passed that will give tax breaks to cng users. This is important to a few truck lines at present and will be more important in the future when natural gas becomes a fuel for class 8 trucks.

All the bills that put larger fines on over weight trucks were DEFEATED. We continue to work on 24/7 computer permitting and will have this completed in the next 24 months.

It was over all a good session for the trucking industry.