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Trucking Industry Talks Safety During Work Zone Awareness Week

With National Work Zone Awareness Week 2010 marking the 11th anniversary of this life-saving safety campaign, the trucking industry is reminding motorists the importance of our interstate highway system and helping them to stay safe.

The theme for this year’s Work Zone Awareness Week is “Work Zones Need Your Undivided Attention.” With four of every five victims in a work zone crash being motorists, the trucking industry is providing tips to motorists to help save lives on our nation’s highways.

Work Zone Driving Safety Tips for Motorists:

  • Expect the Unexpected - 

    • Speed limits may be reduced, traffic lanes may be changed, and people may be working on or near the road.

  • Slow Down – 

    • Speeding is one of the major causes of work zone crashes.

  • Don’t Tailgate – 

    • Keep a safe following distance between you and the car ahead.

  • Keep a Safe Distance from Construction Workers – and equipment.
  • Pay Attention to Posted Signs – 

    • Warning signs are there to help guide you, use them.

  • Stay Alert and Avoid Distracted Driving – 

    • Work zones present extra challenges and obstacles. Motorist need to pay attention to the road and their surroundings.

  • Plan Your Trip – 

    • Schedule your trip with plenty of extra time. Expect delays and leave early so you are not anxious while driving.

  • Be Patient - 

    • Work zone crew members are working to improve the road and make your future drive better.

  • Be Aware of Blindspots – 

    • Trucks have large blindspots in front, back and either side. Try to avoid lingering in this space and do not cut in front of a truck.

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2010 runs from April 19-23.

“Our nation’s highways are essential to keep the economy moving,” said Dan Case, Executive Directory of the Oklahoma Trucking Association. “Trucks need to deliver our essential products and motorists need to reach their destinations safely. By using caution when driving through work zones, we can help ensure that roads are maintained and we all stay safe.”

The National Work Zone Awareness Week is a national campaign conducted at the start of construction season to encourage safe driving through highway construction sites. It is observed nationally by state, local and federal transportation officials the first week of April, which coincides with the start of highway construction season.

Work Zone Safety Stats


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