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Stimulus Plan Created 280,000 Jobs, Trade Group Says

Last year’s economic stimulus program, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, created or sustained more than 280,000 jobs and financed more than 12,250 transportation projects, the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials said in a report last Thursday.

The trade group said that transportation construction was up more than 5% in 2009 with 70% of transportation construction firms receiving contracts related to the ARRA.

States have put 77% of the $34.3 billion provided for highways and transit out to bid on 12,250 transportation projects, AASHTO said. Of those, more than 7,000 projects are under construction and almost 2,000 have been completed.

States have identified another 9,800 projects valued at $79 billion that can move in 120 days, the association said.

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