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Serious Concern Expressed to DOT over Review of HOS Rules

On Nov. 4, ATA sent a letter to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood outlining various concerns with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s decision to review and reconsider the current hours-of-service (HOS) rules. The present rules have been in effect for five years, during which the trucking industry has seen considerable safety improvements. Since the HOS regulations were implemented in January 2004, the large truck fatal crash rate has decreased by 9 percent and the number of fatalities in truck-involved crashes was reduced by 8 percent. The number of fatalities in crashed involving large trucks was at the lowest level ever in 2008. Additionally, the number of injuries in truck-involved crashes has been reduced by 13 percent since the current HOS rules were implemented. In light of these statistics, ATA believes the current HOS regulations are doing what they were intended to do: save lives. Reconsidering these significant measures would result in potential safety and economic problems for the trucking industry, and the cost of new HOS rules would be passed on to consumers.

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