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ROADCHECK 2010. June 8-10. Be Prepared for Success!

ROADCHECK is an annual safety enforcement that targets commercial vehicles.

Inspectors will focus upon commercial trucks and busses on June, 8, 9, and 10, 2010.

Are your drivers prepared? Is your equipment prepared? The probability of an inspection occurring during these days is greater than normal. Now is the time to begin preparing for success.

Your drivers need to ensure their hours of service logbooks are current, accurate, and that they have at least 7 days of records with them at the time of the inspection. Be sure to tell them, teach them, and have them prepared for a review of their logs.

Your equipment needs to be ready for a complete inspection and to pass with no failures. Now is a great time to be sure the drivers fully understand how to do a quality pre-trip and post-trip inspection. An extra effort to have a thorough review of the mechanical aspects of your equipment and tires may be a worthwhile investment.

This can also be a time of delay as your drivers and/or equipment is inspected. Ensure extra travel time is included by the dispatch and the drivers as they prepare for their routes and deliveries that week.

ROADCHECK has been applauded for helping to reduce crashes; thus preventing property damage, personal injuries, and fatalities. Be prepared to be a ‘good statistic’ in this year’s charts!

North American Standard Inspection Procedure


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