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Request for help with Top Industry Issues Survey

To say that we currently live in an ever-changing and unpredictable world would be an understatement. The fragile state of the world economy leaves many of us wondering what the next day will bring. Furthermore, our industry will be faced with many sweeping new regulations in the coming months, the details of which still remain unclear at this time. With all this uncertainty surrounding us, it may seem difficult to plan for the future.

However, despite the uncertainty we face, I strongly feel that we must continue to anticipate the key issues that will likely affect our industry in order to protect the interests of the trucking community. One way to do so is to reach out to trucking industry professionals for feedback on the most pressing issues that will be affecting our industry in the years ahead. Therefore, it’s time once again for our industry to collectively participate in the Annual Top Industry Issues Survey, to be conducted by the trucking industry’s award-winning research organization, the American Transportation Research Institute. ATRI’s analysis of the issues we believe are critical will provide direction on where we need to invest our time, talent and resources to ensure our continued viability and success as an industry.

I hope you will be an active participant in this process by completing the attached survey and returning it to ATRI. ATRI’s subsequent analysis of the survey results will yield important data and insights for industry decision-makers and ATA policy committees. The results of this Federation-wide survey will be released at ATA’s Annual Management Conference and Exhibition to be held this October in Phoenix.

Please support this important initiative by responding quickly and thoughtfully to the attached survey. Working together, we can strengthen our industry, our companies and our future – a future that is sure to be exciting and full of change.

Fill out the survey here or by visiting

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