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REAL ID Act Update

Oklahomans will likely have a choice between getting a driver's license that meets federal security rules or obtaining one that doesn't, lawmakers said Wednesday.

With less than a month before military bases and federal buildings were to stop accepting Oklahoma IDs for entry, the Department of Homeland Security issued a last minute reprieve, giving the Legislature until June 6 to come up with a plan to become compliant.

“We believe it can be taken care of this very first month of session,” said state Rep. Jon Echols (R).

Echols is part of group from the House, Senate and Governor's office that has been working on a plan to become compliant for the last six months.

"We just have to comply with the law, and they've stated in the past that our proposal to have a two-ID system would be compliant with the law,” said state Sen. David Holt, R-Oklahoma City.

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