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Oklahoma Truck Driving Championship

The 2010 Oklahoma Truck Driving Championship (TDC) will be held this Friday and Saturday, June 4 and 5, at the OSU-OKC Driving Course in Oklahoma City.

Over 100 truck drivers from all parts of the state will compete in eight separate classes to win a spot in the National Truck Driving Championships held August 3-7 in Columbus, Ohio.

The Oklahoma TDC is put together by the Oklahoma Safety Management Council (OSMC) and it gives drivers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills for the public. In return, the public’s support of the TDC lets the drivers know that we appreciate their dedicated service to our country because they are indeed the backbone of our economy.

Drivers must compete in several different categories including a written exam, pre-trip vehicle inspection, personal interview and a driving course. In order to compete, a driver must have an accident-free record of at least one year and must be employed by an Oklahoma Trucking Association member company.

Without our drivers, who would deliver your iPod or even your new car to the dealership? Show them that you appreciate all that they do and please come and support Oklahoma’s drivers as they compete to prove that they are the best drivers in the country! For more information, you may contact the Oklahoma Trucking Association at (405) 525-9488 or visit


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