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Legislative Session Starts Next Monday

The 2010 Legislative Session begins next Monday on February 1st.  The OTA has researched most of the 2,200 bills filed.  There is no size and weight bill proposed this session.  However, there is a new bill, proposed by the Speaker of the House, Chris Benge, HB 3220, that would authorize a new turnpike in Tulsa.  The turnpike would be off I-44 at or near 49th W. Avenue, past SH64/412 from 41st to the LL Tisdale Expressway.  If a new turnpike were to be built, that would mean the expansion of the bonds, which is something OTA is not in favor of.  There are over ten bills filed that deal with cell phone use, including texting while driving this session.  HB 2799, Kiesel(D-28) proposes that if you are in an accident and it is determined that by using the cell phone while driving caused the accident you face a higher offense.  HB 3098 and 3134 propose no smoking in a vehicle if anyone under 16 is in the car and the fee should you be stopped would not be over $200.   Dan Case will be working hard for the Oklahoma trucking industry this session and will need your help if an issue arises were OTA needs to make our voices heard.  Watch the Tip Sheet and the OTA Blog for up-to-date Legislative News this Session.

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