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IRS Changes Form 2290

The federal Internal Revenue Service has slightly increased the information required for a taxpayer to claim a credit or refund for a vehicle for which the federal heavy vehicle use tax has been paid is sold, stolen, or destroyed. The change was made when IRS issued the instructions for this year’s Form 2290, on which the HVUT is reported, and which is due at the end of August 2015. In the past, for a credit or refund, IRS has required the vehicle’s identification number (VIN), the weight category it’s in for the HVUT, the date the vehicle was sold (or stolen or destroyed), and a copy of the IRS worksheet on which the taxpayer calculated the credit.

To this list is now added, for any vehicle sold after the end of June 2015, the name and address of the purchaser.

To see all the Form 2290 instructions, click here.

Information provided via ATA State Laws Newsletter.

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