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FMCSA Waives Trucking HOS Rules for Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has temporarily waived truck driver hours-of-service rules for drivers who are helping recovery efforts from the major tornado that hit near Oklahoma City on Monday.

FMCSA said Tuesday it was waiving a number of trucking rules, including hours-of-service, “as a result of interruptions in the availability and/or delivery and repair of services and property throughout the region, to include the state of Oklahoma, and a need for emergency transportation of medical supplies and personnel, food, fuel and other emergency relief.”

The waiver only applies to emergency relief operations and will expire when the situation is no longer an emergency, or on June 5, whichever is sooner, the agency said.

Federal law allows FMCSA or state governors to waive HOS rules for a variety of emergency situations.

By Timothy Cama

Transport Topics Staff Reporter

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