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FMCSA Sets New State Registration Fees

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the 2010 fees for the Unified Carrier Registration program.

Though not quite as high as the fees that FMCSA had initially proposed last fall, the amounts to be paid by carriers are, on a per-vehicle basis, still 95percent higher than the UCRA fees for the years 2007 through 2009.

The new fees range from $76 for a carrier operating one or two power units to $73,346 for carriers operating more than 1,000 power units. Trailing equipment was removed from the UCRA fee calculation by Congress in 2008 legislation, and no longer needs to be taken into account in figuring the fees.

The increase is the result of a change in the law that changes how FMCSA determines fleet size for purposes of collecting the fees.

The UCRA Board must still recommend a schedule for the states participating in the program to collect the new fees, but the Board doesn't meet until May 20.


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