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  • FMCSA Crash Preventability Demonstration Program

    Based on experience during the first few months of the FMCSA Crash Preventability Demonstration Program that was established in July 2017, FMCSA has identified some areas of the program requiring more instruction and details. These instructions and details, published in the Federal Register on February 8, 2018, address:•Correctly Submitting Eligible Crashes to the Demonstration Program•Types of Crashes•Documents to be Submitted•Re-Opening Requests for Data Reviews•Input ...

  • FMCSA Issues 2017 Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustments

    Today, FMCSA will publish a final rule that adjusts the agency’s civil penalties to account for inflation. The rule is in accordance with a 2015 law that requires federal agencies to make an initial “catch up” inflation adjustment in 2016, and annual changes thereafter. The law also amends how inflation adjustments are calculated to ensure that penalties will be adjusted to reflect actual calculated inflation.

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