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Executive Director Appointed To Serve Board In Aid Of Trucking Technology


May 6, 2011

Executive Director Appointed To Serve Board In Aid Of Trucking Technology

Oklahoma Trucking Association Executive Director, Dan Case, was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for Heavy Vehicle Electronice License Plate, Incorporated, (HELP,Inc.). Case, was appointed by HELP, Inc’s State Partner,The Oklahoma Corporation Commision. Case will be serving as an Industry partner for HELP,Inc. In addition to continue to lobby for the Oklahoma Trucking Association, Case will be helping oversee new technology for the PrePass® System, and the new Oklahoma ports of entry. Director of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Transportation Administration, Marchi McCartney, was appointed as the Commercial Partner for HELP, Inc.

PrePass® is provided through a not-for-profit, public-private partnership HELP, Inc. Its mission is the deployment of intelligent transportation systems that benefit the public, government and motor carrier industry by:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of the existing highway network.
  • Enabling safe motor carriers to improve operating productivity.
  • Permitting governments to carry out regulatory responsibilities at a lower cost with a higher degree of efficiency.

To ensure that HELP Inc.’s activities balance the needs of both parties, HELP’s board of directors is comprised of an equal number of government and industry director.


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