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Climate Legislation will Raise Fuel Prices & Hurt Consumers

ATA First Vice Chair Barbara Windsor, President of Hahn Transportation in New Market, Md., testified on October 29th before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works during a hearing titled “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.” Speaking on behalf of ATA, Windsor emphasized the trucking industry’s dependency on an affordable supply of diesel fuel. She told committee members how cap-and-trade legislation would hurt the trucking industry and ultimately would tax consumers, as trucks deliver nearly 70 percent of consumer goods and are not discretionary fuel users. The trucking industry has made great strides becoming cleaner and greener, including developing new engines and measures to reduce fuel consumption through a sustainability initiative. Windsor stated that the trucking industry is committed to the environment, but that a carbon tax on fuel will create economic problems for the trucking industry and all consumers, while not reducing the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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