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CDL Medical Certification Information

The OTA has been notified that the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is already enforcing this requirement (your drivers can and will be put out of service).  Some other states are also enforcing, and all states will soon be following.

Please see the following documents with information about the CDL & Medical Card Certification requirements:

Medical Certification Driver Outreach - General Information 

Medical Certification Driver Outreach - Frequently Asked Questions 

Medical Self-Certification Affidavit

Quick Overview

When does this change start? This change started January 30, 2012

What is not changing? The driver physical qualification requirements are not changing.

What are CDL holders required to do?

1. You must determine what type of commerce you operate in. You must certify to DPSto one of the four types of commerce you operate in as listed below,

* Interstate non-excepted: You are an Interstate non-excepted driver and must meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements (e.g. - you are "not excepted").

* Interstate excepted: You are an Interstate excepted driver and do not have to meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements.

* Intrastate non-excepted: You are an Intrastate non-excepted driver and are required to meet the medical requirements for your State.

NOTE: If you use this category your license will have a "K" restriction. This means you will NOT be able to cross state lines at ANY time: Now or in the future, until the K restriction is removed from your license. (Even with an emergency condition where waivers are present).

* Intrastate excepted: You are an Intrastate excepted driver and do not have to meet the medical requirements for your State.

2. If you are subject to the DOT medical card requirements, provide a copy of each new DOT medical card to DPS prior to the expiration of the current DOT medical card.

For more detailed information read the following:

Starting January 30, 2012 and no later than January 30, 2014, all Oklahoma CDL holders must provide information to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety regarding the type of commercial motor vehicle operation they drive or expect to drive with their CDL. Drivers operating in certain types of commerce will be required to submit a current medical examiner's certificate to their SDLA to obtain a "certified" medical status as part of their driving record. CDL holders required to have a"certified" medical status who fail to provide and keep up-to-date their medical examiner's certificate with DPS will become "not-certified" and they may lose their CDL.

If you have any questions please contact the Department of Public Safety Help Desk: (405) 425-2020

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