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  • ATRI Seeks For-Hire Motor Carrier Operational Cost Data

    Arlington, Virginia - The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today issued a data call for the annual update to its Operational Costs of Trucking report. Among the for-hire fleet metrics being requested by ATRI are driver pay, fuel costs, insurance premiums and lease or purchase payments. Carriers are asked to provide full-year 2017 cost per mile and/or cost per hour data.The results of this data collection, combined with the previous Operational Costs of Trucking reports...

  • State Highway Programs Ranked

    The Reason Foundation has issued the 23rd of its annual reports on the quality of state highway programs across the United States. As with state rankings on so many subjects these days, the worst states in this category are clustered in the Northeast and on the West Coast, while the best are clumped in the Great Plains and Intermountain West. North Dakota ranked first overall, New Jersey last.

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