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  • ATRI Releases Annual List of Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks

    Arlington, Virginia - The American Transportation Research Institute today released its annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America.The 2018 Top Truck Bottleneck List assesses the level of truck-oriented congestion at 300 locations on the national highway system. The analysis, based on truck GPS data from more than 800,000 heavy duty trucks uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations t...

  • ATRI Issues Infrastructure Funding Study

    The American Transportation Research Institute, ATA’s research arm, has issued a lengthy study evaluating several different methods of funding transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance into the future. The study is aimed at the federal highway program, but is generally applicable to state infrastructure needs as well. The funding mechanisms assessed by ATRI are the fuel tax, vehicle registration fees, government and privately administered tolling, vehicle-miles traveled taxes, a...

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