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Black-Box Recorders for Trucks Gaining Fans

Fleets, insurance companies and OEMs alike are getting on the "black box" bandwagon, increasingly viewing such devices as a way to lower costs, improve vehicle performance, and most importantly, proactively reign in potentially harmful driving habits before they lead to accidents. "These systems allow us to 'score' commercial drivers, to determine with concrete evidence those that are good and those that need training, then correlate that information back to insurance rates to get discounts," Mike Slattery, spokesperson for Liberty Mutual Agency Markets, told FleetOwner. Slattery said Liberty Mutual is rolling out on a nationwide basis a new system called Onboard Advisor to monitor the driving behavior of commercial vehicle operators in relation to conditions such as traffic flow and weather. Vehicle performance data is combined with roadway information gleaned from GE Security's NavLogix GPS technology not only to record vehicle speed, braking and cornering maneuvers, but also to overlay Google street maps with second-by-second detail.

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