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2013 TDC Winners

The 2013 Oklahoma Truck Driving Championships (TDC) which took place May 31 and June 1 in Oklahoma City.

A total of 99 drivers in nine equipment classes competed in Oklahoma TDC this year. The winners of each class will go on to represent Oklahoma at the NTDC, August 7-12 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The winners of each class are as follows:

Straight Truck:

1st Place: Trent DeBusk – UPS Freight

2nd Place: Lavern Reimer – Wal-Mart

3rd Place: Joshua Rodriquez - LuGreg Trucking

Three-Axle Van:

1st: Place: John Bergesen – Con-Way Freight

2nd Place: Nathan Pennoke - UPS Freight

3rd Place: Christopher Heitgrass – Con-Way Freight

Four-Axle Van:

1st Place: Robert Neese Jr. – Con-Way Freight

2nd Place: Michael Buck – YRC Freight

3rd Place: Kevin Mustin – FedEx Freight

Five-Axle Van:

1st Place: Billy Durham - AAA Cooper Transportation

2nd Place: Floyd Olson – Wal-Mart

3rd Place: Larry Kendall – FedEx Express

Five-Axle Flatbed:

1st Place: Barry Marcum – Con-Way Freight

2nd Place: George Sharp - Melton Truck Lines

3rd Place: Michael Stief – Wal-Mart

Five-Axle Tank:

1st Place: Robert Leftwich Jr. – Hamm & Phillips Service Company

2nd Place: Tim Chapman – Coffeyville Resources Crude Transportation

3rd Place: Matthew Stotts – LuGreg Trucking

Twin Trailers:

1st Place: Richie Guess - UPS

2nd Place: David Jones – ABF Freight

3rd Place: Benny Gilbert - YRC Freight

Five-Axle Sleeper Berth:

1st Place: Robbie Granstrom – YRC Freight

2nd Place: Gilbert White - FTC Transportation

3rd Place: Jonathan Atzenhofer - FTC Transportation

Step Van:

1st Place: Justin Kingsley - FedEx Ground

2nd Place: Richard Bright - Fed Ex Express

3rd Place: Patrick Corrente - Fed Ex Express

Pre-Trip Inspection Award:

Charles Purvis – FedEx Freight

Rookie Awards C. Dewayne Sleeper AwardRookie of the Year:

1st Place: Christopher Heitgrass – Con-Way Freight

2nd Place: Tim Chapman – Coffeyville Resources Crude Transportation

3rd Place: George Sharp – Melton Truck Lines

Team Awards:

1st Place: UPS

2nd Place: ABF Freight

3rd Place: UPS Freight

The C. Dewayne Sleeper Award for Rookie of the Year was awarded Christopher Heitgrass (Broken Arrow, OK) of UPS Freight. Tim Chapman (Dewey, OK) of Coffeyville Resources Crude Transportation placed second and George Sharp (Pratt, KS) of Melton Truck Lines placed third in the Rookie Awards.

Overall, UPS took the first place team award ABF Freight took second and UPS Freight took third.

The Oklahoma TDC is put together by the Oklahoma Safety Management Council (OSMC) and gives drivers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills for the public. In return, the public’s support of the TDC lets the drivers know that we appreciate their dedicated service to our country because they are indeed the backbone of our economy.

Drivers must compete in several different categories including a written exam, pre-trip vehicle inspection, personal interview and a driving course. In order to compete, a driver must have an accident-free record of at least one year and must be employed by an Oklahoma Trucking Association member company.

Photos may be found on the Oklahoma Trucking Association Facebook Page Here!

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